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Synthetic Rubber Band

Made of TPR/SBS/TPE elastomer materials that are white, translucent or transparent with a range of hardness within Shore 30~50A, which guarantees an easy access to color customization. Material properties: relatively strong tensile strength and elongation at break, non-poisonous and odorless, and meeting ROHS, REACH, and EN71 environmental protection test standards. In comparison with traditional rubber band and silica gel rubber band, band made of TPR/SBS/TPE is easier for forming and shaping when under production. Band of this type is with a good stretching strength, light and easy to customize color. There are a variety of colors for clients to select: solid colors, luminous colors, fluorescent colors and mixed colors. With an elastic ratio of 600%, this band is suitable for tying up materials and weaving toys. Its specifications and colors can be customized according to customer requirements, drawings or samples received.


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