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Silica Gel Rubber Band

Band of this type, environmental-friendly, non-poisonous and odorless, has passed SGS standard test and is free of all kinds of heavy metal and toxic substances banned. Silica gel rubber band is made of 100% environmental-friendly and imported silica gel raw materials, characterized by soft texture, good tear resistance, touch feeling, absorbency to skin, non-transition, high temperature resistant, cold resistant, waterproof, transparency, anti-aging and achieving colorful and varieties of products. There are a variety of colors for clients to select: solid colors, luminous colors, fluorescent colors, glitter powder mixed colors and aroma effect, tec. Its elastic ratio is 400%. This band can be certified by European Reach and American FDA.  This band is suitable for tying up materials and weaving toys, characterized by tying up but not twisting hair, etc., especially loved by children, students and women, etc. Its specifications and colors can be customized according to customer requirements, drawings or samples received.  


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